October Favorites

Here are a couple of songs I have been listening to on repeat this month. Marc E. Bassy’s album, Gossip Columns, was released earlier this month and it is amazing. If you are looking for a chill album to vibe to, this album is my go to! Hope you enjoy!

1. “Black Jeep” – Gossip Columns; Marc E. Bassy 

Mood: Driving with the windows down on a summer night, blasting this with your best friends/ significant other.

2. “Westside Love” – Gossip Columns; Marc E. Bassy, YG

Favorite Line: “Her priorities, ain’t priorities”

3. “Made Love First”- Gossip Columns; Marc E. Bassy, Kehlani

Mood: Thinking about that one person.

4. “Subway Car”- Groovy People; Marc E. Bassy

Favorite Line: “The city moves through you babe, the way it comes to ya baby, you don’t need to try at all”

5.  “Can’t Have Everything” – More Life; Drake 

The beat. Blast this in your car with the bass on 100. That is all.

6.  “The Way” – You Should Be Here; Kehlani, Chance the Rapper

 Favorite Line: “Behind it all you are the motive”

7. “Sundays”- Good For You; Amine

Favorite Line: ” I bench press my problems, like add another weight and act like it’s alright when it’s not”

8. Minute” – Perfect Timing; Nav, Metro Boomin, Playboi Carti, Offset

Favorite Line: “Yo Pi’erre, you wanna come out here”

9. “Anxiety” – Everybody; Logic, Lucy Rose

Favorite Line: “We will rejoice in this gift that is life, we will rejoice in this day that we have been given”

10. “The Way Life Goes” – Luv Is Rage 2; Lil Uzi Vert

Favorite Line: “That just goes to show me money don’t attract a thing”





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