Tips For Toning Up This Summer

***Disclaimer: I am in no way any expert in weight loss, if anything I am still learning as I am going. These are just a couple of things that I have been doing that have worked for me!

1. Drink Water

It is very important to be drinking lots of water, especially during the summer, so you don’t get dehydrated. There are so many health benefits from simply drinking water. I personally notice on the days that I am not drinking enough water I get a headache and am not in the best mood.  I have noticed that those little things are what make me unmotivated to go to the gym. Stay hydrated kids!!!

2. Create a Workout Split

It is important that you give your body rest days to make sure you do not overwork yourself. Creating a workout split will ensure that you are hitting every muscle group throughout the week without overtraining them. It is important to give your body time to recover, or else your workouts will almost be pointless. I have always been intimidated to train my upper body because of how small I am, but then I realized that everybody has to start somewhere, right? You are training to reach your final goal, and you cant reach it if you are too afraid to start!

My workout split this summer has been:

Monday- biceps, triceps, abs

Tuesday- legs (glutes, hamstring, quads, calves) and abs

Wednesday- off day

Thursday- biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs

Friday- legs, abs

Saturday- shoulders, dabbling*** in back workouts, abs

Sunday- off

** I start off every workout with at least 10-15 minutes of HIIT cardio which I find is a great warm-up

***dabbling- As I said I am still learning things, one of those being how to train my back and chest

Your body needs to be challenged and if you do the same workouts every day your muscles will become accustomed to them. Your body needs to be shocked every once in a while with new things whether it be a new workout on leg day or increasing your weights. I have personally noticed the greatest amount of results when I do this.

3. Take Supplements

When I started my fitness journey I decided to start taking protein and BCAA’s. BCAA’s are generally to be taken during and after your workout to replenish your muscles and inhibit the break down of your muscle cells after high-intensity workouts. Ever since I started drinking BCAA’s, I have noticed that I am more energetic and don’t really burn out during my workouts. I drink my protein shakes once a day, normally within 20 minutes after I workout to get the most out of it. It is important to intake protein within 15-20 minutes of working out in order to maximize muscle recovery and building. My daily shake normally includes one scoop of protein, unsweetened almond milk, and strawberries or blueberries (whatever I am feeling that day).

Supplements I have been taking:

Whey Tech Pro 24 Protein


Body Tech BCAA’s


4. Be Prepared When You Go to the Gym

Be prepared when you go to the gym. I find that when I go to the gym already knowing what I am going to train, my workouts are more efficient. I get a lot of my workouts from Instagram. One thing that has been a lifesaver for me is the Instagram collections. I have created folders so that whenever I come across a new video, I just save it to that specific folder. It has been a total game changer for me.

Here are some of my favorite fit Instagram accounts:

Bianca Franco IG 

FaithFit IG 

Whitney Simmons IG 

GymGirlVids IG 

GraceFitUK IG 

Hanna Oberg IG 

Ashleigh Jordan IG 

GymGlutes IG 

5. Do Not Go on a Diet

Make healthy eating a lifestyle. The worst thing that you can do is have a mindset that healthy eating is temporary. This mindset will make you feel restricted and less inclined to stay committed. The key is to not necessarily cut everything bad out, but making sure you are eating in moderation and being aware of your daily intake. For example, I think cheat days are very important because they allow you to indulge and enjoy whatever your heart desires because you are human and everyone needs those days. You should never feel guilty for having yourself a cheat day because they are meant for you to enjoy yourself. Normally after a cheat day, I recognize that I have to go a little harder my next day at the gym!

6. Sleep

I know it is hard to tap out of a good late night Netflix binge, but once you hear the birds chirping it is time to go to sleep haha. I try to make sure I am asleep by 1 a.m. so that I can make it to my morning workouts. Creating a schedule that has you working out in the morning is the greatest thing because it really does force you to sleep early. I am not saying that you have to sleep 8-9 hours a night, but just try and get the amount of sleep your body needs to function at it’s best.

7. Stay Motivated and Be Patient

Progress takes time and commitment. Love your body every step of the way on your fitness journey and I promise you it will be a transformative experience!

Until next time!




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