Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

The moment you start loving yourself for who you are, flaws and all, is one of the best self realization experiences. Recognize that no other opinion but your own matters. It is hard to live up to everyones own definition of beauty because everyone views it differently. It is easier said than done, but that is something that has taken me a while to accept. So instead of trying everyday to fulfill every one else’s definition, why not be content with your own?

As humans we seek acceptance from others. That is is what makes this concept impossible.

But we have to try. Life is too short to hate the little things about ourselves.

It is hard being a teenager in our society. Our society loves to compare kids at such a young age. It is disgusting to see people comparing North and Blue Ivy to each other. They are both innocent kids and they should not already feel the pressure of our society on their shoulders. This is the root of the insecurities most teenagers grow up with. The constant comparisons to each other is the most damaging thing our society can do to the kids of our world. No child should ever feel like an outsider or that they are not good enough due to our societies bias views on beauty.

You are Loved. You are Extraordinary. You are Unique. You are Beautiful.

I genuinely mean that. We live in competitive world where people are always looking forward and tend to forget to remind the ones around them of their beauty and self worth. So yes. That was necessary.

A wise Aubrey once said “that’s a real one in your reflection, without a follow, without a mention.” As good as it feels to get those blue boxes on Snapchat and notifications on Instagram of people liking your newest picture, none of it really matters if you can’t see your own value and worth.

Recognize that there is no else out there like you. No one that can do things like you. 

I feel like everyone is their own worst critic.  People may claim that to be a good thing as it is a characteristic that will always keep you wanting more and keep you working hard. But at the same time it is one of our greatest flaws as we will never allow for ourselves to be content and happy.

After 20 years, I am just now learning to genuinely love myself and learn my self worth. I could always see the beauty in others, but never in myself. I never knew why.

Take everyday with ease and peace. And remember that you are loved, adored, and appreciated by someone in your life and if you don’t see it I pray that you one day will.

“Life ain’t a life until you live it” – Mac Miller

So go live and love your life.

Until next time.



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