Mac Miller

Happy Birthday Malcolm James McCormick.

Easy Mac, Rap Diablo. Larry Fisherman.

You brought so much love and happiness into the world. You shared your beautiful mind and heart. You shared your love, pain, and happiness. Your craft was undeniably one of the most genuine and raw.

Thank you Mac for sharing so many memories with me. Listening to “I’ll Be There” and remembering your roots, listening to “Clarity” to find some peace to listening to “ROS” and feeling love. Your lyrics always resonated with me and could always provide the comfort I needed.

When Mac died it felt like he took a piece of my childhood with him. Mac always made his fans feel like they were always apart of a greater movement. If there was one artist my brothers and I were always on the same page about, it was Mac. He had the charismatic personality that so many people of all age groups were captivated by. He was always real and always remembered his roots.

When you grow up supporting and listening to an artist, you never expect to lose them. I hope you have found peace. You will always be remembered and celebrated Mac.

Here is a little playlist of my favorite songs and moments of Mac.

Happy Birthday.

Best Day Ever


Thoughts From A Balcony

Live Free


I’ll Be There



Perfect Circle/ God Speed

Of The Soul

PA Nights


The Spins

Good Evening

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